I get a lot of value out of attending a WordCamp, and my business definitely benefits. WordCamp is a one of a kind annual conference for WordPress website users. With low ticket prices and a diverse range of speaker topics, attendance is guaranteed to make an impact on your business. Whether you’re new to WordPress or an established website designer/developer, WordCamp is an excellent value for website creators and business owners alike.

Why I attend WordCamp

I’m always looking for ways to improve my business, particularly when it comes to optimising my website and business productivity. So last weekend I attended the 2019 WordCamp conference. It was $50 well invested.

This is the second year I’ve attended WordCamp. Because I got so much value out of it last year, I was keen to return.  And just to be clear,  I do manage my own website and have done for several years, but I’m in no way ‘techie’ and I swear this isn’t a sponsored post.

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What is WordCamp?

WordCamp is a community organised, volunteer-run and not for profit, two-day conference held annually around the world, for users of WordPress. It started in 2006 in San Francisco and has expanded to 75 cities in 65 countries. It was held in Brisbane last weekend, on the 26-27 August. Over 460 people attended, all WordPress users.


Who is WordCamp for?

While WordCamp is a pinnacle event for the technologically enhanced, it’s also an invaluable event for business owners who are not so techie. If you use a WordPress website to blog, to sell your products and services and to manage clients and prospects, then it’s definitely for you. You’ll find it especially valuable if you want up-to-date tips and advice on getting the most out of your website, upgrading your marketing skills and giving your business a boost. Attendees include web designers, developers, authors, marketers, non-profits, small business owners, consultants, entrepreneurs, SEO experts, photographers, podcasters, and so on.

The 10 best things about WordCamp and How your business will benefit

From my perspective as a small business owner and non-techie, the 10 ways WordCamp improves your business are:

1.    You’ll learn things you didn’t know that you didn’t know

All the speakers are small business owners like you and me, who specialise in particular aspects of using WordPress. They’re an eclectic bunch that came from all over Australia. Last weekend the variety of subjects ranged from “5 Things I wish I knew when I started WordPress” (by Tremayne Pendragon) to “Generating Leads, Getting Clients and Winning Proposals” (Wil Brown). From “The Day the Hackers Came: When 80% of my Client’s Sites Were Hacked in one Day.” (Ingrid Moyle) to “Why no one is Reading your Blog Posts (and how to change that)” (Kate Toon).

2.     There’s something for everyone

Presentations are held in 2 streams, which means you have choice over which one will suit you best. Some are more business-oriented, others more techie. And sometimes it’s tough to choose which one to go to because both have value for your business. However,

3.     You won’t miss a thing

All the presentations are live-streamed and recorded, which means that a few days after the conference, attendees are sent a video link, so you can watch the ones you missed.   You can also view the ones you got the most value out of, the ones with valuable tips you can immediately implement into your business.

4.    There’s plenty of Aha moments

Even though I can watch the video recording, I still took notes during many of the presentations. Lots of notes. The information shared is relevant and highly valuable with loads of tips and tricks and Aha moments.

5.     You’ll have a good time

It’s a well organised, fun, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It doesn’t feel intimidating if you go on your own, and plenty of people do. There’s a diverse range of attendees, from first-time WordPress users to business experts and agencies. With so many attendees (460+ this year), it’s  easy to meet people and a good opportunity for networking!

6.     You’ll improve your business website

WordCamp Brisbane is sponsored by service providers who offer products and services you may need to run your website. They have stalls set up, allowing you to have a chat about hosting, security, audio visuals, and so on. There’s also some good swag – I picked up a pair of socks.

7.   WordCamp is incredible value for money

Just $50 for the entire two-day conference (9:30 – 4:40). Morning tea, afternoon tea, lunch and barista coffee/tea are included with catering for those on special diets. And the food is yum (expect for the vege muffins on Saturday afternoon, blah, I’m sure my blood pressure shot up with all the salt – still can’t blame the organisers for that one).

8.     The venue is comfortable

The event is held in Z block at QUT Gardens Point. So the lecture theatres are state of the art with unhindered screen views, good audio and lots of seating. There’s plenty of parking nearby for $10 a day.

9.     Going to WordCamp will help you to improve your business and your website

I’ve already improved my website and marketing by attending WordCamp. 


  • I came back to the office and went through the list of Top Mistakes on Word Press that Tony Cosentino mentioned in his presentation “30 WordPress Website Audits in 30 Days. The lessons I learned” and checked I wasn’t making them.
  • I’ve implemented some of the tips while writing this blog post that Kate Toon mentioned in her presentation on Why no one is reading your blog post.”
  • And I intend on integrating some of the apps Paul Luxford discussed in his presentation on “10 Things Word Press can do that you may not know it could”
  • Listening to Will Brown’s presentation on Generating Leads has inspired me to develop a landing page template to guide me in covering everything it needs.

10.     You’ll be inspired

During the day, I was hit with many moments of inspiration. Including many tips for ways I can improve aspects of my business, my website and my marketing. I also got loads of inspiration for creating new blog posts, including this one. 🙂

So there you have it. 10 very good reasons why attending WordCamp benefits your business. To sum up you’ll

  • improve your marketing
  • get useful productivity tips
  • learn how to get more value out of WordPress
  • meet some interesting people

…alll guaranteed to give your business a boost.

WordCamp Brisbane is on again in 2020.  Will I see you there?

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