Is Facebook The Right Fit for My Business?

3, Sep 2018 | Facebook, Social Media Strategy

Is Facebook Right for My Business?

Should you be on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest… or is Facebook the right platform for your business?

Marketers are constantly telling small businesses that they need to be across multiple social media channels. But the reality is, unlike big businesses with big budgets and big teams, most small business owners don’t have the resources, or the time, to spread themselves so far and wide.

Truth is, if you’re using one platform well, and it’s working for you, then congratulations. It’s far better to be great on one platform, than mediocre on 3 or 4.

So what platform do you use to market your business on social media? Is it Facebook?

If so, as a small business owner and a DIY Facebook marketer, there’s a chance you are experiencing one of two scenarios:


Scenario 1

You have a Facebook Page but you’re not getting the results you’d like. Engagement is low, and quite often you get stuck for ideas on  what to post.

Scenario 2

You don’t yet have a Facebook Business Page. Other business owners suggest you get one but you’re on the fence, anyway you’re not sure how to start one.


If either of these scenarios are your reality, perhaps it’s time to ask yourself:


Is Facebook the right fit for my business?

 Many solopreneurs make the mistake of thinking that if they just create a Facebook business page, then more leads will follow.


1.  interact with posts in their newsfeeds, and

2.  share the work of others.

This is a great way to interact on Facebook but unfortunately doing this alone won’t achieve business results.

Facebook organic reach* is low, 2% in fact. Which means that in order to get your posts seen organically you have to consistently post amazing content that keeps you visible and engaged in your followers’ newsfeeds, or use paid distribution (boost posts and Facebook ads).

*organic reach is the number of people who see your post in their newsfeed, without paid distribution

Success is achievable on Facebook, you just have to understand how the algorithm (and organic reach) works


The more often a person interacts and engages with your posts (comments, likes/emojis) the more often your subsequent posts appear in their newsfeed.

Each interaction carries different weight, the higher the ‘weight’ the more distribution your recent and subsequent posts will have .

To understand how Facebook ranks engagement read this blog post: Facebook Engagement Explained 

*Pillar Content Definition

“… a substantive and informative piece of content on a specific topic or theme
that can be broken into many derivative sections, pieces, and materials.
Examples of content pillars include eBooks, reports, (published books, articles, case studies) and guides.”

(The Foundation for Efficient Content Marketing)

2.  You Outsource

Outsource to a social media manager. If you are time poor or not really interested in DIYing this can be a fabulous option. Bear in mind that it will be necessary to develop pillar content for ‘your contractor’ to use on Facebook. So there will be a bit of time and effort required on your behalf to ensure they get a variety of it regularly.

Of course, one way to also reduce your workload is by outsourcing to a copywriter who can create your pillar content for you (blogs, ebooks etc)

A big positive is that a good social media manager will take your pillar content and repurpose it to create a variety of social media posts for you. They can also comment and post on your behalf.

One point to consider here is the nature of ‘Facebook’ – a social platform. Naturally an outsourced employee will not know your business and industry as well as you do. Therefore their knowledge and ability to respond to some questions will be limited. Of course a good social media manager will work with you to develop a way of working

together to resolve any questions or issues that you will need to personally address.

Also they cannot participate in groups on your behalf as only ‘personal profiles’ can join groups, ie you not your business.

Another way to significantly reduce your workload (and stress) is to give your contractor(s) a copy of your social media strategy. This ensures that your team understands and agrees with how your business uses social media which will keep everyone moving in a cohesive direction.

Go where your clients are

Are your clients and prospects on Facebook? Or do they use a different social media platform? LinkedIn perhaps? If this is the case perhaps it’s best to focus your efforts on LinkedIn rather than Facebook.

The only way to find out what platform the majority of your clients use is to conduct research. Have a chat with your existing clients and others in your industry or conduct some online research.

Do you really like using Facebook?

This may seem like an odd question, but the reality is you aren’t going to give much effort to a platform you don’t like using. Your heart won’t be in it.

If you do decide to choose Facebook as your #1 platform, you’re going to be spending a lot of time on it. It can be a frustrating platform as it’s constantly changing. But the core heart of Facebook remains the same – it’s the best customer service platform around.

  • Facebook gives you the gift of flexibility. No other social media platform gives you so much content diversity. 
  • No matter what your content flavour is, you can distribute it through Facebook.
  • It’s the only social media platform that gives you the ability to micro target your audience and then communicate with them in a multitude of ways.

Put aside a budget for Facebook Advertising

Facebook has a lot of data. Some they have collected on the platform, some they have paid for through loyalty schemes we belong to  – supermarkets, frequent flyers etc.

This means that as a Facebook user you have the ability to micro target users who may be interested in your services.

Facebook advertising is the cheapest form of advertising around. You only need a small budget. You can set the price – even just $5 a day!


Have a marketing goal in mind

The best way to achieve your marketing goals is with a Strategy. A strategy gives your goals focus, makes creating content easier and saves you time.

It profiles your ideal client, reveals what content they are looking for, what format that content should take and ways to reach them.

A strategy helps you grow your leads.

Having a social media strategy ensures that if you choose to outsource; either to a social media manager, a copywriter, SEO or Ads expert; the contractor is knowlegable about your business, it’s goals, your clients and want you want to achieve online.

You will be ‘on the same page’.


Facebook’s ease of use, easy customer interaction, inexpensive advertising costs and content diversity make it the world’s leading social media platform for business marketing.

With over 2 billion world wide users there’s a very high chance your clients and prospects use it.  So it makes sense that your business should too.

Ultimately the choice is yours. The key point here is, as a small business owner with limited time and resources, to choose one platform, commit to it and continue use it well.

See you on line!




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