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I often get asked what tools I use so I thought I’d create this list to share with you. These are all things that I use on a regular basis and love.

This page is a work in progress. I’ll be adding and updating as my workflow changes and I find new things that I love to use.

I am in no way associated with any of these products, nor do I receive anything for mentioning them here. I mention them because I have found or still find great value in them and use them on a regular basis.

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You can’t beat Canva for design. It’s free, simple to use and does the job.

Whether you need to design a social media post, a Facebook or LinkedIn Header, a flyer, infographics, a blog graphic –  Canva is my go to.



Grammarly is a writing assistant – A very handy tool for making everyone a better writer. I use it every single day!  It’s simple to use, and gives you suggestions to improve your grammar, spelling, logic and word use. It also checks for plagarism.

Audio Transcription


Fast transcription services – audio or video to text.
If you love to voice record instead of put pen to paper, or need your video transcribed then this is for you. $US1 per word.


Blog Inspiration / Content Ideas


Want ideas for your next blog topic? This very handy tool combines search results on Google and Bing into a visual representation.  You simply enter a keyword and it will automatically generate keywords and phrases that people are searching for.


Keyword Search


A free keyword suggestion tool, courtesy of Social Media Influencer, Neil Patel (it’s located on his website). It gives you as many ideas as is possible from the keyword you enter, including phrases using that keyword.  It also provides search volume data and Cost Per Click (CPC) data from Adwords.  Very handy for SEO.



Free stock photos to use on you blogs or social media posts




Available on iOS this is my go-to editing app. Owned by Google it has a bit of a learning curve, but well worth it. It can take a crap photo and turn it into something worth posting.

Boomerang (from Instagram)

This is such a cool app. It takes a short 1-2 second video and loops it back and forth. Great fun. You must have an Instagram account to use it.


Create a GIF for every occasion.




I couldn’t live without this handy desktop program. It allows you to save your favourite blogs to read later. You can categorize them, mark them as favourites, tag them and archive them. Voted as Best Productivity App 2014 : Webby Award honoring excellence on the Internet.


Timetracking software with free and paid versions, depending on what you need.

Download the timer and sign up.


Use this to shorten those ugly long links when posting on social media



I read A LOT of books. Some I own and some I borrow from the library. Many of which I find so valuable I go and buy my own copy, which are available at all good bookstores. Here’s some of them:



Everybody Writes, Anne Handley

How to create good content. A Wall Street Journal Bestseller, this book will become your go-to guide, guiding you through the writing process. Anne offers real world advice on writing for web pages, blogs, social media posts, headings – basically it covers it all.

How to Write Copy That Sells, Ray Edwards

This is a handy little book that offers a step-by-step system for copywriting that sells without being pushy.



Linked To Influence, Stephanie Sammons

I’ve read a couple of books on how to use LinkedIn and this is one of the best. It identifies ways to becoming a top influencer and attracting your ideal clients on LinkedIn.

Marketing with Social Media, Linda Coles

An easy to read book for beginners on how to use all the main social media platforms.

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Engagement, Vicki Crossley

A downloadable (FREE) e-book that gives your practical industry tips to increase your Facebook engagement.



Deliver the Unexpected, Richard Robbins

I loved this book. Written like a novel it’s a truly motivational book for anyone struggling with finding their way in business and life. Structured around a series of false beliefs and conventional approaches to achievement it will make you change the way you think and do things in business.

It’s Not How Good you Are It’s How Good You Want To Be, Paul Arden

A fun little book that challenges the way you approach business and life!



The Well-Spoken Woman, Christine K. Jahnke

“This book is filled with practical wisdom, exercises and exactly the right advice to help you overcome barriers to becoming a welcome, passionate, effective speaker.” Gloria Steinem

Book Yourself Solid, Michael Port
(The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle. Even If You Hate Marketing and Selling.)

A business coach in a book. I recommend this book to anyone in a service business who wants more clients! Full of wisdom, exercises and practical information!








































































































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