Meet Vicki

Small Business Social Media Consultant

Hi, I’m Vicki Crossley – a social media consultant for small business owners.

As a small business owner myself, I wear many hats.

I love wearing hats. It’s just as well ‘cause I’ve worn a lot of them in my life.

Right now I’m rocking a wide-brimmed, social media hat in ocean blue.

It fits me well. It should. It’s been over 25 years in the making.


Why do I wear it?

Because when I do, I get to know you – my fellow small business owner and wearer of many hats. I get to help you understand, use and manage your social media  – confidently and efficiently and that is my guarantee!


My background

My social media hat is wide brimmed ‘cause it contains lots of stitching, components that went into its creation. Incarnations of other hats I’ve worn over the years – in an executive and managerial level business support career that spans 15 industries – in 3 countries and in many Australian cities. I’ve donned hats for Government Ministers, Executives, CEOs, Managers, Small Business Owners, Directors and Celebrities. My hats have been sewn together with confidence, diversity, flexibility and an ability to fit many businesses and people from all walks of life. Yep, a lot of stitching.

I do wear other hats – some more than others. Hats as small business owner, web designer, mother, wife, friend, daughter, dog lover, kayaker, happy camper, voracious reader, life long learner, Toastmaster and movie lover, among others. Some sit more comfortably than others, some fit well.


Social Media Consultant is one of my favourite hats!

It’s fun. It’s educational, it brings people together. We get to meet, you and me. We get to learn about each other’s businesses and try on each other’s hats. We get to see if they fit and understand how they feel. If you want to get ahead, wear a hat. I’ll take my hat off to you!

Pass me your hat.  I’ll fill it full of confidence and knowledge so you can wear it while managing your own social media!

‘Cause it’d be a pleasure!

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Certificate IV Business Social Media
(Australian Accreditation)

We engaged Vicki to produce a social media strategy for our start – up. I’ve worked in the Digital Media landscape for over six years and was thoroughly impressed with Vicki’s results. The attention to detail and research she put in to understand our brand, industry and target market was excellent. Her strategy was results driven as well as creative and original.

It’s clear Vicki knows her stuff, understands the nature of social media and works hard to help her clients achieve real measurable results.

I will be engaging Vicki’s services again in the future for upcoming projects. In fact, I look forward to it!

Jaymie Faber

Author, Freelance Writer, Copywriter, Jaymie Faber

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