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A social media marketing strategy is your guide to how you will use social media in your business, to establish a confident online presence that attracts your ideal clients. It’ll clarify your goals, drive traffic to your website, give your social media marketing direction and keep you on track.

Why Small Businesses Need a Social Media Strategy

Wasting time isn’t high on the agenda of small business owners and social media can be a mind snapping waste of time if there’s a lack of direction.

So how can you focus your social media efforts and have them pay off?

The answer is with strategy, planning, content and consistency – all the elements of a social media strategy.

For those of you who sell services, you understand how important establishing a good client relationship is. It takes time for people to get to know you, to decide if they like and trust you (and you, them), and finally to select you over your competition. A strategy sets you up for the long run.

What do you get from a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

You get a written, bespoke guide that details how your business will use social media to create awareness, attract and establish relationships with your target audience and convert them into leads by driving traffic to your website.

You can use this guide to:

  •  DIY your own social media,
  • Manage your social media inhouse, or
  • Give a copy of the strategy to your freelancer, which will keep them on track and on the same page.

A Blue Ocean Social Media marketing strategy has loads of benefits.

You will:

  • Get into a marketing mindset and develop your online brand identity, creating a Social Media Branding Guide for your business.
  • Gain an understanding of how social media works, and how it fits in the space of digital marketing.
  • Define your business and online goals, and use your strategy as your guide to staying on track to achieve them.
  • Have focus. It saves you wasting time and $ on the next big thing or a tempting offer – It helps prevent you from going down the proverbial rabbit hole!
  • Know your closest competition better, because a strategy includes a competitor analysis.
  • Know what content to create. A social media marketing strategy includes an assessment of your existing content assets; and if there are any gaps, makes recommendations on the type of content your target audience wants from you.
  • Know what keywords to target and how to find them.
  • Understand social media tactics to attract your ideal client and how to implement them.
  • Get tips and additional resources to help you with your social media marketing.

So that you can:

  • confidently manage your social media inhouse,  or
  • confidently outsource to a freelance social media manager
  • achieve your business goals
  • reach a new audience
  • increase awareness of your business
  • connect and engage with customers
  • improve customer service
  • establish your business expertise
  • measure your progress.

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Who is this for?

Small business owners who sell services to individuals or businesses and want a solid foundation for how they can use social media to attract their ideal clients.

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